Almond Pignoli Cookie (10 Pack)


Our Almond Pignoli Cookie is a whole foods version of the traditional Italian pignoli cookie. This batch is near and dear to Mama Millin’s heart, as it was her favorite cookie growing up.

Made with an almond base, a touch of pine nuts and low-glycemic sweetness, this snackable treat is a familiar pick me up built to power your day. This cookie is totally grain free and suitable for paleo diets.

Our Almond Pignoli Cookie is the only alternative to a traditional pignoli cookie found at retail. Pure Batch Cookies are the first refrigerated-to-eat cookies on the market.

Order Size
Each package contains one cookie. Each order is for 10 individually wrapped cookies.

Almonds*, Maple Syrup*, Safflower Oil*, Pine Nuts*, Almond Extract*, Baking Soda, Himalayan Pink Salt. *Organic Ingredient | CONTAINS: TREE NUTS

Please note that actual products may appear different from pictured. This product ships refrigerated under climate control and must be refrigerated.

Formerly known as the "Wise Pignoli Cookie."


About the traditional pignoli cookie:
This cookie is near and dear to our hearts. In our Italian family, Mama Millin made these with love. The pignoli cookie is a macaroon typical of Sicily, Italy. It is a very popular cookie in all of southern Italy, and in Sicilian communities everywhere. The cookie is a light golden color and studded with golden pine nuts (also called pignoli). Made with almond paste, the cookie is moist, soft and chewy beneath the pine nuts. Often it is formed in a crescent shape; otherwise it is round. This cookie is a popular Italian holiday treat, especially at Christmas. Because both almond paste and pine nuts are relatively expensive, and this cookie uses substantial amounts of both, this cookie is a luxury food. Being essentially an almond macaroon, this cookie belongs to a type known as "amaretto". We hope you enjoy this part of our family with us.