Our Story

Mama Millin and Angela Millin

In late 2015, Pure Batch co-founders Mama Millin and her daughter Angela turned a bad batch of luck into something sweet. After Mama Millin won her battle with breast cancer, she made a massive lifestyle change that became the inspiration to entrepreneurship.

After winning her battle, Mama Millin knew eating right to keep her body healthy would need to be a top priority. In order to keep consistent, she also knew making healthy choices would also need to be an enjoyable experience. As an experiment she took to her comfort zone, the kitchen, and began to create. The result? Batches on batches.

First came the All Day Brownie (Mama Millin ate at least one a day and lost 50 pounds in less than a year) and from there grew a readily available line of whole foods, plant-based products made for people to enjoy without guilt or fear. Don’t Fear The Treat ® means whether your restriction is by choice or by intolerance – we promise to provide a product with many benefits for you to enjoy.

Pure Batch services a modern wellness lifestyle where each batch is designed to give your body a healthy dose of protein, fiber, fat + low-glycemic sugar- anytime, anywhere. The entire line is completely refrigerated, made without any preservatives or chemicals, staying true to Mama Millin’s feelings about putting only good, whole foods into your body.

Pure Batch is 100% women owned, WBENC Certified and registered dietitian approved.